In July 2012 Barnstaple Musical Comedy Society took on a building to use for Rehearsals and named it Centre Stage, they then had to think of ways to help pay for the rent of the building. Trevor Wayborn (Chairman at the time) had a fantastic idea to start an affordable stage school offering lessons in Dance, Singing and Drama to young people. He got in touch with Helen Cole, who had been Assistant Choreographer to BYG (Barnstaple Young Generation) for many years and had choreographed many shows with North Devon All Starz.  He also approached Sophie Kerslake a well-known singing teacher/singer from Braunton and Hayley Joy who had performed in many BYG shows from a young age, she had also studied performing Arts at College.


With all the teachers in place a trial session was started in October 2012 on a Saturday for ages 9 to 16 years with 13 children which was a huge success. In January 2013 we started to offer a term of classes and also started an Early Years class for 5 to 8 year olds where we introduced the basics of performing arts dance, drama and singing. Through word of mouth the classes grew over the year in numbers.


Our first show was December 2013 at Centre Stage called ‘Seasons’, this was a selection of different songs, dances and drama performances related to Seasons of the year. This was a huge success and showed how the students had grown in confidence and as performers.

Nov 2013 Seasons Early Years
Nov 2013 Seasons 9 to 16 years
Nov 2013 Seasons final 9 to 16 year
Nov 2013 Seasons Older group

In 2014 the children took part in public performances for the first time at Party at the Manor, Tapathon and the Barnstaple Light Switch on.


Aug 2014 Party at the Manor
2014 First Tapathon for Children in Need.
Nov 2014 Christmas Light Switch On

2015 we started work on a new show with a new drama teacher Nick Wood. We now started to have a waiting list for our Saturday group so in September 2015 we started the Tuesday group offering dance and singing to 12 children, dance was taught by Emily Reid and singing by Sophie Kerslake.

With now 50 children at the school we performed the show ‘Uptown Adventures’ at the Landmark Theatre with costumes as well. 

The children loved the experience and had a great time.


Nov 2015 Uptown Adventures Early Years
Nov 2015 Uptown Adventures Everyone
Nov 2015 Uptown Adventures Final
2015 November Uptown Adventures

Now in 2016 we had 3 classes running, the early years class suddenly increased to 20 children. We had a fun year planned with lots of public performances. Our first Danceathon, Diversity Festival for Early Years & Tuesday Group, Saturday 9 – 16 group - Concert with the Barnstaple Ladies Choir in July, Tapathon in the November and a Christmas Concert with the Male Voice Choir. We welcomed Sophie Lavercombe the Tuesday Group Co-ordinator and dance teacher.


May 2016 Danceathon
May 2016 Danceathon
July 2016 Concert with Ladies Choir
July 2016 Diversity Festival
July 2016 Diversity Festival, Tues Group
Dec 2016 Concert with Male Voice Choir

2017 saw the first show for the Tuesday Group with our new Drama Teacher Charlotte Passmore. The Tuesday group performed Shockey Horror in October at Centre Stage. Then a month later our Saturday groups Early Years & 9 -16 years performed ‘Alice the Musical’ at Centre Stage.


2017 Shocky Horror
2017 Shocky Horror
2017 Alice the Musical
2017 Alice the Musical

2018 – We wanted to introduce some fun new classes and give our Early Years another class, so we introduced a fun Tap class for 5 to 8 years and a Contemporary class for 9 -16 years.  We also wanted to widen our age range and offer a class for 2 to 4 years. So, the Tots Class was born, introducing them to songs, dances and lots of fun.

It was another busy year with public performances for our other groups, we took part in the Fringe Festival, Diversity Festival, Summer Concert with Barnstaple Ladies Choir, Tapathon and Barnstaple Light Switch on.


July 2018 Concert with Ladies Choir
Dec 2018 Christmas Lights Switch On
Dec 2018 Concert with Male Voice Choir
June 2018 Fringe Festival
June 2018 Diversity Festival

By 2019 we had a waiting list for the Early Years class so then we offered another Early Years class on a Monday after school. The children are thriving in this class and numbers are growing considerably.


This was another Show year as the Tuesday Group performed ‘Around the World in a Thousand Years’ in the March at Centre Stage.

The Saturday groups performed ‘Let the Games Begin’ in November at the Landmark Theatre.  


March 2019 Around the World
March 2019 Around the World
Nov 2019 Let the Games Begin
Nov 2019 Let the Games Begin
Nov 2019 Petroc Concert, Tuesday Group

We have so much passion and enthusiasm for the school and we cannot wait to continue what we do, which is to encourage, teach and make Centre Stage School a lovely environment for the children to grow as performers.


Nov 2013 Seasons Early Years