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Youth Theatre Company


We now have our wonderful cast for Aladdin. Here is the cast list.

Well done to Everyone who auditioned. You gave our production team a hard time!!!

Aladdin - Reuben Rodwell

Jasmine - Kate Smith

Genie - Flower Taofinu’u

Jafar - Luke Boerboom

Iago - Logan Wootton

Sultan - Jake Scott

Babkak - William Dorrell

Omar - Zach Hesketh

Kassim - Ollie Conroy

Isir - Niamh Brown

Manal - Roxy Spencer

Rajah - Ana Williams


Taya Capner

Isobelle Andrews

Millie O’Driscoll

Wren Compton

Lola Compton

Kadi Langmead

Lily Hamilton

Lola Milan

Ailsa Reason

Harvey Williams

Heidi Pedlar

Cody Buckingham

Joshua Hayes

Gracie Langmead

Kienna Webber

Elizabeth Conroy

Jenson Tucker

Indi Puddifoot


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Sunday 13th February 2022 

We are super excited to announce the audition date for our Centre Stage School Youth Theatre Company debut show Aladdin Junior.

Auditions are open to everyone aged 8-18, 
(not just Centre Stage School Students), 

and will be held on Sunday 13th February at
Tawstock Village Hall.

The show will take place in June.

We look forward to meeting you all!





For more information about the day and the audition process visit the Youth Theatre's facebook page.